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Jim Beam Single Barrel Bourbon

World's first hand selected Jim Beam single barrel bourbon

the unapologetic and independent spirit, made for those who take their bourbon seriously

JW Steakhouse is privileged to have purchased its very own Jim Beam Single Barrel, handpicked from the Jim Beam distillery in Clermont, Kentucky. This truly unique tasting bourbon is exclusively available to guests at JW Steakhouse & Bourbon Bar.

Together with seventh generation master distiller, Fred Noe, we travelled to Kentucky in order to carefully hand-select our own exclusive barrel from the American Stillhouse. Less than one percent of barrels are chosen for Jim Beam Single Barrel, reflective of its premium quality and craft. Each of our bottles has been individually labelled and hand-numbered.

Chosen especially for its rich colour and bold flavour, each glass is full-bodied and smooth with attributes of oak, vanilla and caramel. Sip it neat or savour it on the rocks. After all, it’s some of the very best bourbon Jim Beam has ever produced.

JW Jim Beam Single Barrel, 47.5%      £11.50



The Pride of the Rackhouse      £12
JW Jim Beam single barrel bourbon, camomile & honey reduction, freshly squeezed lemon juice, Michelle Brut American sparkling wine. Served over a scoop of homemade chamomile & honey sorbet

Single out for Praise      £12
JW Jim Beam single barrel bourbon, chocolate, caramel & rooibos reduction, chocolate bitters, fresh beetroot juice.