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Our Steak

We source only the very finest meat from local and American suppliers at JW Steakhouse.

Our USDA (United States Department Agriculture) beef is from Creekstone in the USA. USDA carefully measures and certifies the quality and consistency of cattle throughout North America. Kansas Black Angus is the gold standard for USDA beef and is consistently tender and absolutely delicious.

Our Butcher’s British Cuts are from local family suppliers, Macken Brothers of Chiswick. They provide superior, quality grass fed Aberdeen Angus Beef for a beefy flavour and delicate texture. Grass fed beef typically has less marbling than USDA beef and has a distinctive flavour that truly reflects the pasture on which the cattle is grazed. Mackens supply a number of cuts at JW Steakhouse, including our signature Tomahawk Rib Eye.

Each steak is carefully hand-picked and cut in house before being expertly seared on our 650̊̊c broiler. Our cuts are;


Sliced from the ‘Tenderloin’, a filet is the most succulent and tender cut available. With a buttery texture, subtle flavour and compact shape, the filet is a perfect cut for sauces and toppings.


This highly prized ‘on the bone’ cut is like getting two steaks in one. A slice of buttery tenderloin on one side of the bone and a juicy, well-marbled top loin on the other, these steaks offer up the best of both worlds.


This is a centre cut rib steak minus the bone. This juicy cut is similar to the tenderloin but offers up a little more texture and a lot more steak flavour.


Cut from the tender short loin, a New York strip is less marbled than a rib eye, but with a thick band of fat around the edge for added flavour and juiciness.


A think cut strip loin grilled with the bone on, the meat is highly marbled and quite tender.


This cut is also called ‘the butcher’s steak’, as butchers like to keep this one for themselves! This steak has a delicious ‘beefy’ flavour and hearty texture.


Our signature JW Steakhouse cut; the steak is tender, flavourful, complex and well-marbled and is served with the giant rib bone for dramatic presentation. We cut each Tomahawk to order and only have a limited number available each day, so don’t miss out! This cut is perfectly matched with our very own 2006 Tomahawk Vineyard Cabernet Sauvignon, exclusively from the Napa Valley and only available at JW Steakhouse outside of the USA.


The finest Wagyu beef in the world originates in Japan and we are collaborating with Highland Wagyu, a family run business in the Scottish Highlands who breed and condition its cattle to produce the finest, most succulent Wagyu beef in the world.