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JW Steak House Speciality Beef 2017

January – Febuary

Rangers Valley Premium Valley Reserve
Prime Australian Beef

Grain fed for a minimum of 270 days
Outstanding beef quality from 100% Black Angus genetics and a unique diet of wheat, barley, corn and corn silage gives these cuts the highest marbling score ensuring a steak that fits the high demands we set at JW steak house from our producers and suppliers.

March – April

Highland Wagyu

From the highly successful Blackford farm in Dunblane Scotland owned and run by Martine Chapman and her husband Moshin Highland Wagyu is some of the finest beef produced in the UK. Highland Wagyu is renowned for its high marbling which gives the beef its unique tender and buttery flavour.

May – June

Iberico Beef 21 Day Dry Aged

Traditionally handcrafted premium dry aged Iberico beef, an extraordinary process exposing the wonderful flavour of this beef with optimum point of dry ageing.

September – October

Snake River Wagyu

Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef is celebrated by chefs and beef connoisseurs throughout the world. USDA Prime, the highest USDA grade for beef does not adequately represent the quality. Only 3% of all beef in the US receives the designation of Prime, yet Snake River Farms far exceeds the standard. For this reason, we utilise the Japanese marbling scale which accurately measures the marbling in Snake River Farms beef.

November – December


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